Friday, June 06, 2008

Yet another baseball post

Spencer and IV's baseball team went to the HiToms game last night. The HiToms team is made up of College baseball players home on summer break. The boys got to run out on to the field with an assigned player and have their name announced, then they stayed for the National Anthem before leaving the field. They had a little hot dog dinner, ice cream and then met the team mascot. They had a great time despite the heat!

Is it just me, or does their mascot look like Lou Diamond Phillips????


Anonymous said...

Yup, yup! And can I say ewww, Lou didn't age as well as I thought he would.

Kim said...

LOL. OK, I don't see the Lou Diamond Phillips connection- that is just a weird looking mascot--but I bet the kids had fun!

Robyn said...

That's funny.

Leslie said...

That's really scary. They do look a lot alike!

Cheri Pryor said...

Pretty close. I think he looks more like the creepy Johnny Depp version of Willie Wonka...with a ball cap of course.

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