Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Wowers

I am a tad behind in my blogging-- so let's just talk about what a wonderful weekend I had. I am finally healing up and can move around some!

Saturday started off with a great soccer game.  Little IV scored a goal and we won 1-0-- the entire team played very well! Our kids are getting quite competitive!

The highlight of the game was Laura showing up in her old John Mellencamp T-shirt:

Then Saturday was date night with Will.  And since we are party animals.......we cooked dinner and watched TV. Are we getting boring? Naaah--we had a fabulous time!
We rocked out panko crusted boneless chicken boobs with figs, blue cheese and prosciutto with Gruyere scalloped potatoes and fresh spinach salad--and were too full to even think about the dessert I had planned (Chocolate Lava Cake).
Ah! but by Sunday Morning, we were ready for the Blueberry French Toast casserole and the (oh crap I cooked it till it was a little passed crisp!) gourmet peppered bacon.
We don't normally cook so much, but it was perfect for a weekend of watching TV and being goofy.
Speaking of goofy, our doggies had a blast together this weekend.  They played tug with Lacie's crate blanket.  It was so cute because Bowser had to just stand there and hold the blanket because he is 10 times bigger than Lacie.

By Sunday evening, Will (and his foil covered leftovers) were headed home, Spencer was back from his weekend away, and Mom and Dad were home from their beach trip so we all met at East Coast Wings for a family dinner-- A perfect way to close out a low-key (but wonderfully relaxing) weekend!


Anna Ruth said...

I picture of Spencer kicking the ball is precious and I started laughing out loud with IV on the ground. Thanks for the great soccer pictures.

Mama Laura said...

I would just like to go on record and point out that technically,I am still classified in the Puma league. I will not move up to the Cougars for another 3 years and the Jaguars for a long time yet to come.