Monday, April 05, 2010

Warning: Eggstremely grouchy!

Well..this Easter was the dullest in history.
I am still on "modified bedrest" and could not do our traditional full-contact egg hunt.  Very disappointing--so my family cancelled it this year.  The first time in forever!
Then between complications (seromas, infection, swelling) I couldn't even fit into an Easter dress let alone go to church/lunch/visiting/shopping....
Okay...enough whining.. 
We *did* have Easter dinner on Friday and we dyed eggs:

Will gave me a beautiful orchid which I am going to try REALLY hard not to kill. He also brought his dog nail file/trimmer (which we call The Petophile) and FINALLY took care of Bowser's talons. As you can tell from the picture, Bowser enjoyed his manicure!
I can tell my son is getting older because his favorite part of his Easter basket was the cash!
And Will's favorite part of his Easter basket was either his homemade goodies...or his Bull Dog Brew from The Wet Whistle. He just might be getting a tad spoiled....


lori said...

but it looks like a good easter... i hope you get better really soon! miss ya cass

Amy said...

The cash? Man, the Easter Bunny gyped us this year. I hope you feel better soon!

Patti H said...

Glad you had somewhat of a comfortable easter Cass. Great photos showing the day! Hope you keep healing everyday girl

Our little family said...

I know that I have said this before, but it does my heart good to see you so happy.

I am so glad you are feeling better.