Sunday, April 11, 2010

WWCS (What Would Confucius Say) ?

Sometimes Spencer amazes me with his quick wit and charm...and sometimes he makes me laugh with his innocence. Today was the latter.
We ran into a store today and he begged for an Icee.  I had no cash on me - but managed to scrape up a couple of bucks (mostly change) and buy him the coveted Icee. 
On the way out, I told Spencer that I was going to stop for take out Chinese on the way home to which he bluntly said, "How can you buy food when you don't have any more money?"
I replied with "Cha-Ching"-- thinking it was the universal sound for credit/debit card use; however, my innocent son asked if that was the Chinese. Was that what I wanted for lunch???  :sigh: 
No Spencer-- Cha-Ching is not the lunch combo #4 but the sound meaning you are paying with plastic instead of cash.

I think the little brat tried to get me back for posting his class picture. Tonight when I went to my bedroom someone had hidden a little fake snake between my pillows...
Where does he get this mess???  Yep.  His Nana.


lori said...

LMAO! i think he gets that from you also!

M Hastings said...

Aww that's a sweet story about the Chinese. Upon reflection, cha-ching DOES sound like it could be Chinese food combo #4...