Thursday, April 08, 2010

How are you?

Friends (you know who you are!) have asked that I stop giving "colorful" details that involve words like "lanced open" and "seriously gross drainage" when simply asked "How are you?" :sigh:

I made a wonderful discovery earlier in the week.  If you take two Peeps and eat them bunny butt first, the remaining 4 bunny ears make awesome Bubba Teeth! 

I have named the orchid Will gave me for Easter- SASHA.  That sounds like a great high maintenance girl name, right? She has to have a particular light at certain times of the day, particular watering techniques, particular fertilizers, particular structural support, etc.  She is a very particular plant.  One that may meet an untimely demise if I don't master her demands.  Good thing she's purdy, or I wouldn't bother....

Daytime TV really stinks. I never really knew just how bad until this bedrest thing. The only thing worth watching is the Food Network.  I have been watching that pretty much everyday--by the time I heal up I am going to be a gourmet cook and have a beautiful collection of recipes. So maybe the silver lining to my situation is a caramel lining?


lydia eve said...

I end up watching a LOT of Law & Order when I'm home on a weekday. You're right, daytime TV does suck!

Jackie Helton said...

You crack me up! You really should write a book or do stand up comedy. Your blog is WAY better than mine!

Mama Laura said...

1. Hello---Gilmore Girls box set? Go ahead & get caught up. My feelings won't be hurt. Then we can throw out even more obscure references and confuse people, more than we usually do.

2. With all your knowledge of pastry garned from the Food Network, I can put you to work with me. Banking is soooo overrated :)