Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Wowers

I am a tad behind in my blogging-- so let's just talk about what a wonderful weekend I had. I am finally healing up and can move around some!

Saturday started off with a great soccer game.  Little IV scored a goal and we won 1-0-- the entire team played very well! Our kids are getting quite competitive!

The highlight of the game was Laura showing up in her old John Mellencamp T-shirt:

Then Saturday was date night with Will.  And since we are party animals.......we cooked dinner and watched TV. Are we getting boring? Naaah--we had a fabulous time!
We rocked out panko crusted boneless chicken boobs with figs, blue cheese and prosciutto with Gruyere scalloped potatoes and fresh spinach salad--and were too full to even think about the dessert I had planned (Chocolate Lava Cake).
Ah! but by Sunday Morning, we were ready for the Blueberry French Toast casserole and the (oh crap I cooked it till it was a little passed crisp!) gourmet peppered bacon.
We don't normally cook so much, but it was perfect for a weekend of watching TV and being goofy.
Speaking of goofy, our doggies had a blast together this weekend.  They played tug with Lacie's crate blanket.  It was so cute because Bowser had to just stand there and hold the blanket because he is 10 times bigger than Lacie.

By Sunday evening, Will (and his foil covered leftovers) were headed home, Spencer was back from his weekend away, and Mom and Dad were home from their beach trip so we all met at East Coast Wings for a family dinner-- A perfect way to close out a low-key (but wonderfully relaxing) weekend!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

WWCS (What Would Confucius Say) ?

Sometimes Spencer amazes me with his quick wit and charm...and sometimes he makes me laugh with his innocence. Today was the latter.
We ran into a store today and he begged for an Icee.  I had no cash on me - but managed to scrape up a couple of bucks (mostly change) and buy him the coveted Icee. 
On the way out, I told Spencer that I was going to stop for take out Chinese on the way home to which he bluntly said, "How can you buy food when you don't have any more money?"
I replied with "Cha-Ching"-- thinking it was the universal sound for credit/debit card use; however, my innocent son asked if that was the Chinese. Was that what I wanted for lunch???  :sigh: 
No Spencer-- Cha-Ching is not the lunch combo #4 but the sound meaning you are paying with plastic instead of cash.

I think the little brat tried to get me back for posting his class picture. Tonight when I went to my bedroom someone had hidden a little fake snake between my pillows...
Where does he get this mess???  Yep.  His Nana.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank You Cheri P!

Of all the Get Well packages I have received, I have to say that Cheri P sent the most "unique" box of things to keep me and Spencer busy during my convalescent time.
Let's start with the normal stuff:  a lovely card, a nice scrapbook punch...okay so far, pretty normal....
Hot Wheels for Spencer...awesome.....
Pooping Cow...she knows our sense of humor..so that's perfect....
Then a can of hash.
Nope- that's not a typo.  She sent a can of Corned Beef Hash.
At first I thought it was the infamous can o' chili from her purse (assuming you saw the story on her blog).
The funny part was that it didn't phase Spencer at all-- hash via mail didn't seem at all strange to him.  He blurted, "Yum breakfast!" 
My grandparents would be proud that at least a wee bit of Irish has trickled down.  Well other than potatoes and drinking... But I digest...back to my story about Cheri.
And to make sure I wasn't spending my time reading superfluous novels and ruining my brain, she sent me a bit of intellectually challenging reading material:  The April 2010 issue of Tiger Beat.
O.M.G. I haven't had a copy of Tiger Beat since the early 80's. And even then I was probably only making fun of the overly gay pictures of Simon LeBon or complaining that they totally ruined The Outsiders for me.
Spencer was quickly assessing the trade value of it at school and I was momentarily distracted by the Taylor- holy crap..he's 18 now, right?-Lautner photos...
Cheri P-- Thanks for everything-- you always keep me laughing!

Friday, April 09, 2010

The one that will haunt him

Spencer got his 3rd grade class picture today.  :snicker:
I looked at it and it took me a moment to recognize my own son.  Why was he making that face?
His response? "They told me to stand up straight and try not to blink--so I stretched up to look tall and opened my eyes wide so I didn't blink."
Well, Spence--that right there is the formula for a class picture that will haunt you forever.
He was fuming by this point.  I tried to make it funny and tell him that from now on it can be his shtick and he can make funny faces in class pictures from now on.  It will be legendary!  But he didn't want to talk about it.  He was embarrassed and well, kind of pissy about it.  I guess it didn't help that I was laughing hysterically.
I love that picture though-- it has a story, it makes me laugh, it shows some character about my shy little guy trying to just look tall and open-eyed....

Thursday, April 08, 2010

How are you?

Friends (you know who you are!) have asked that I stop giving "colorful" details that involve words like "lanced open" and "seriously gross drainage" when simply asked "How are you?" :sigh:

I made a wonderful discovery earlier in the week.  If you take two Peeps and eat them bunny butt first, the remaining 4 bunny ears make awesome Bubba Teeth! 

I have named the orchid Will gave me for Easter- SASHA.  That sounds like a great high maintenance girl name, right? She has to have a particular light at certain times of the day, particular watering techniques, particular fertilizers, particular structural support, etc.  She is a very particular plant.  One that may meet an untimely demise if I don't master her demands.  Good thing she's purdy, or I wouldn't bother....

Daytime TV really stinks. I never really knew just how bad until this bedrest thing. The only thing worth watching is the Food Network.  I have been watching that pretty much everyday--by the time I heal up I am going to be a gourmet cook and have a beautiful collection of recipes. So maybe the silver lining to my situation is a caramel lining?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Warning: Eggstremely grouchy!

Well..this Easter was the dullest in history.
I am still on "modified bedrest" and could not do our traditional full-contact egg hunt.  Very disappointing--so my family cancelled it this year.  The first time in forever!
Then between complications (seromas, infection, swelling) I couldn't even fit into an Easter dress let alone go to church/lunch/visiting/shopping....
Okay...enough whining.. 
We *did* have Easter dinner on Friday and we dyed eggs:

Will gave me a beautiful orchid which I am going to try REALLY hard not to kill. He also brought his dog nail file/trimmer (which we call The Petophile) and FINALLY took care of Bowser's talons. As you can tell from the picture, Bowser enjoyed his manicure!
I can tell my son is getting older because his favorite part of his Easter basket was the cash!
And Will's favorite part of his Easter basket was either his homemade goodies...or his Bull Dog Brew from The Wet Whistle. He just might be getting a tad spoiled....