Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween Weekend

We started our Halloween weekend with dinner at Carraba's with Jimmy, Melissa, Dana, Jason and the kids. We celebrated Jordan's birthday and then went to Proehlific Park for his big party. The kids had a blast!

Saturday we had soccer and then decorated the house for our Tastefully Simple Halloween party on Sunday.

The party was fun-- it might be a new tradition for us.  Well that was the TREAT portion of the weekend.  Now for the TRICK.  As soon as the party was over, we both crashed-- thinking we were just tired from all the cooking, cleaning, decorating, etc.  But in the wee hours of Monday morning....the stomach flu hit.
IT.  WAS.  HORRIBLE.  Nothing says "the honeymoon is over" quite like sharing a stomach flu...

But how sweet is it that my NC State guy is all curled up with a UNC blanket??? haha  Yep-- this will be my desktop background throughout basketball season AND next week's State/Carolina football game!

The stomach flu was so bad that we TOTALLY missed Halloween.  Luckily my Dad took Spencer to Fall Festival/Trick or Treating-- but it broke my heart to miss this with him.  I couldn't even finish his costume.  He was going as a beat up Soccer Referee--wanted a black eye and a fake cut on his cheek---but I couldn't do his face paint.  He still looked adorable though.

So..... hello November---and as I flipped the calendar over it dawned on me we have 54 days until Christmas!


lydia eve said...

Your hair looks FAB! Sorry about the sick... my Halloween got sicked out, too, but with a different illness. Luckily my kids are young enough that they won't know this year sucked! :)

Paula... said...

You poor thing - It's horrible being sick and still having to "function" for everyone else.