Friday, November 18, 2011

Whine and Design

Tonight, Pam, Lesley and I went to a Wine and Design class.  It was supposed to "uncork our creativity"... yeah how about that.
The evening started out with a fantastic dinner at Southern Roots where I had the best roasted okra of my life.
Next, the painting class started and we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. Then we started painting blue skies and making Bob Ross jokes. Happy and having fun.
Then we had to paint in some clouds.  Sounds easy, right?  We ended up with white turds messing up our pretty blue sky.  And painting in those waves? Fuggedabout it! It was all downhill from there.  We ended up laughing A LOT and lowering our expectations to the point where we actually walked out of  the place holding the pictures we had previously decided to bury in the backyard.


Lesley said...

Wow you are fast!! Can't believe you already posted!! It was a blast and I want to do it again with you and Pam! Maddie told me my painting was "pretty good".

Paula... said...

Looks like a fun night despite it going downhill LOL