Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spencer's Wild Ride

Before I give a blog update about our WONDERFUL vacation in Savannah with Val and Doug, let me first update what happened when we came home Sunday night.
We got home and put Spencer to bed--a few hours later Spencer woke up SCREAMING in pain.  He could not be calmed down.  We immediately went to High Point Regional Hospital and he was evaluated, pumped full of morphine and nausea medications--then sent for a CT scan.  The scan showed infection and an enlarged appendix.  The physician there arranged for a transfer to Brenner's Children Hospital at Baptist in Winston Salem and prep for surgery.
With all pediatric surgery referrals, a second opinion is required.  The second opinion said his scans and labs were not 100% conclusive so a third opinion--a head honcho whom everyone there was very impressed with-- was called in.  This "God of Surgeons" said it was NOT an enlarged and infected appendix but an intestinal disorder.  Intestinal infection and spasms can be treated and do NOT require a surgical intervention.  We are Very Happy about that---but I was pissed to be told at one ER that he had appendicitis and be transferred for surgery only to be told it was a more "vague" diagnosis.
The important end result is that Spencer isn't in pain anymore and is no longer so sick he can't stand up.
As I write this, he is snacking on a pomegranate and considering a little XBOX playtime-- so yeah, he is better :-)
He will follow up with his pediatrician in a few days and they will decide how to manage his current medications/antibiotic changes.  He should be back to normal in a day!


Lesle Alvarado said...

Oh my goodness. I'm so glad he's feeling better. Is there a longer term treatment plan for what ails him? Is it a chronic illness that might flare up again?

Paula... said...

OMG poor Spencer!! I always feel so helpless when the little ones are sick or in pain :(