Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A weekend in Savannah

We got up early on Friday, 11-11-11, and headed to Savannah.  We had beautiful weather and even remembered to make a wish at 11:11 a.m.  We met up with Doug and Val at the Marriott Fairfield Inn then headed to the Riverfront for dinner.
 After a delicious dinner at Rocks at the Riverfront at the Bohemian Hotel, we walked along the River and enjoyed the sites, shopping and memorials.
Then we were ready for our Ghosts and Gravestones tour. I researched to find us the best tour and all I can say is people need to be ashamed for lying on the review sections of these websites. This tour was a colossal waste of money and the most boring thing we did all weekend.  Our tour guide had trouble delivering her "script" and even messed up a few stories. She sounded like a bad actress and in no way provided the thrill of storytelling we have experienced in the past with other tours. The trolley left the plastic blinds down the entire time--which were scratched and blurry.  We couldn't see anything!  When they would pull up to a house to tell a story-- 99% of the time there was ANOTHER trolley or bus in front of the building obstructing our view.  I have never been so pissed at spending $60!

Later that evening, we returned to the hotel and had some nightcaps. Somewhere around midnight, we finally pulled down the covers and there was a huge turd in our bed. Yeah, you read that right-- a freaking piece of doodie.  We were both grossed out and gagging.  Will (bless his heart) inspected it to see if it was a melted chocolate bar.
It.  Was.  Not.
He used tissues and picked up the nasty steamer and flushed it, leaving a big ol' Shitler's Mustache on the sheets.  I called down to the front desk--and guess what--- they didn't have ANYONE from housekeeping there that night.  I was instructed to take the sheets to the front desk and they would give us clean sheets.
Will took the sheets down as I wondered if we should have used our 11/11/11 at 11:11 wish on poop-free linens.  Will brought up clean linens and said the front desk said to talk to the manager the next morning.  So we made our bed and laughed about the "lin-cident." And we made "crappy" jokes about making a "stink" with the manager about the "sheety" service a soon as he was on "duty" ...  If you can't laugh about things like this, then it will ruin your vacation...

The manager apologized and comped one night. I was going to be very mature about talking with him, then he walked up and introduced himself as the "manager on duty"....sigh.

We spent Saturday morning with a fantastic tour of downtown Savannah and then stopped at the Riverfront for lunch at Spanky's.

 We spent the rest of the day/evening at the City Market shopping, touring and had apps/drinks while watching the Alabama football game and listening to a decent cover band. It was a wonderfully relaxing night out!

We returned to the hotel late Saturday night and luckily, we had clean linens. Sunday morning, we left for Tybee Island.  Our first stop was the lighthouse. This lighthouse was not as impressive as the NC Lighthouses and we decided not to do the tour because of the mean and nasty woman working there yelling at everyone.  I bet as soon as we left she amused herself by tripping blind kids or something.  We are glad we can check this off as "been there seen that" but we will never go back.

After we left the witches lair lighthouse, we went to Fort Pulaski and enjoyed seeing the history, memorials and beautiful landscaping.

We closed out our vacation with a big lunch at Uncle Bubba's (Paula Deen's brother).  We nearly wobbled out swearing we won't eat again for 2 months. We hugged goodbye and made our way back through the city to begin our trip home.

Reading this post, I feel like did too much bitchin about the Ghost Tour, the Dirty Sanchez sheets and the heifer at the lighthouse. That was only three mehs in a weekend of wows.  It was a FANTASTIC vacation filled with fun, awesome weather, so many laughs my sides were sore, good drinks, shopping and hanging out with wonderful friends. We can't wait to plan our next adventure together.

P.S  OOH!! check out our souvenirs and goodies!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you make me laugh so hard! I will never forget the "doodie" sheets. Love you!

Paula... said...

WOW what a full weekend - looks fantastic (except for the unfortunate bedroom surprise!)

I'm so jealous - now I want to go away, I so need a holiday :(