Wednesday, July 19, 2006

He's not happy unless he is dirty

Do you know how when you bathe the dog and he runs outside and wallers in the mud because he hates to be clean????? Well... Spencer has that same problem. Everyday, that child gets SO DIRTY that I am tempted to hose him down in bleach. He turns on the water hose and makes mud puddles, catches frogs, builds forts, plays in the mud, helps Boppa in the garden, plays in the dirt piles down behind the house and plays in Boppa's garage to finish off with a nice coating of grease. If he isn't filthy, then he thinks the day is totally boring.


Molly said...

sounds like he is 100% boy!

~ RebekahBoo said...

You said "wallers" LOL. Cute kid, sounds like he's enjoying life.

Deanna said...

look @ that face!! What a cutie!!!!