Saturday, July 01, 2006

Congrats Steven!

Last night, Toby, Tom, Spencer and I drove out to Sumner Civitan Park to watch Steven, Jr. play in the all-star games! Spencer really enjoyed seeing Destiny and Steven. Steven is quite the ball player!! It was fun to watch the kids play at that age because they have such passion. We enjoyed watching the game and chatting with Gena and Rodney while attempting to censor Tom's comments about the athletic abilities of all the children. I guess Tom just doesn't understand how his editorial comments about the kids (in front of all the parents!) can be taken as rude. I tried to explain it to him but he just doesn't get it. Inlaws---geez! Whatcha gonna do with 'em?

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Gena said...

Hey. I don't remeber seeing this pic. It is a good one. Some cute kids there huh? Desi looks so ypoung there compared to now and it has just been a year. Wow time flies.