Friday, June 30, 2006

Disney Magic?

My brother and I took Spencer and IV to see Disney Magic last night. First of all, III had a flat tire and we were 10 minutes late. But those things never start on time so no big deal right???? Pfhht! This one was on time and we missed the beginning. Since we were late, we didn't get a chance to feed the kids before we got there. No big deal-- we will have "concession" food and make dinner of hot dogs and nachos. Wrong again! The show was in the auditorium-- no food and drinks. The first part of the show was okay, cute little humor, lame magic tricks, pretty decent stage design. Intermission came-- I was suckered into buying a $15 sword with Goofy on it. $15 for a little piece of plastic that will probably break before I finish updating this blog!!! During the entire second half of the show, my poor kid wiggled and whispered every 2 minutes that he was STARVING!!! When the show finally ended, we raced to the car and went straight to the nearest restaurant, Ghasson's, which happens to be my son's favorite place to chow down! He ordered up his favorite plate and ate like a starved refugee. So our "Magical Disney" outing with the kids was filled with not so magical memories-- but at least we did something together!

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