Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Go Canes!

It's all about HOCKEY right now!!! Go Canes!!!! and I have to post a big BITE ME to DISH network for not carrying OLN, and therefore, the most of the Hockey season. We keep having to go to Wild Wings to watch the games--which means Toby runs up a huge Wings and Beer tab through 3 periods (and the occassional OT) !!! The final games will be on NBC so we will be able to watch them at home--yay!!


Sarah said...

I'm almost glad the Red Wings started golf season early - my buffalo wings budget probably would not have lasted through the playoffs either. Stupid TV coverage.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

waaaaahhhhhhoooooooo - Go Canes!!!!!!! We are rooting for them in my house, too.