Monday, June 26, 2006

Rainy Sunday

We picked Spencer up from VBS last night (at a local church not our regular church) and asked him what he learned. Spencer cheerfully said "Say No to God!" Toby and I looked at each other and again asked Spencer, "WHAT??!!!" and he again said "SAY NO TO GOD!"" What were they teaching our child???" Then I noticed a little medallion he had colored and was wearing around his neck that said, "Say your prayers so you can KNOW GOD." Whew! a slight misunderstanding... after we figured it out, it was kind of funny.

Toby and Spencer joined up with Melissa, IV and Gail to watch Ashley and Kristin compete (in the pouring down rain!) in the State Soccer Games on Sunday. The girls were dissappointed to come in 4th but we are very proud of how well they play!

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Nancyroo said...

ha,ha, about Spencer! so cute!