Friday, June 23, 2006

Getting older wasn't so bad this year

Toby really "WOW'd" me this year!! My birthday was wonderful! A nice, easy day at work included Toby and Spencer surpising me at lunch with flowers and a singing balloon and then they took me out for a quick lunch! The afternoon flew by and before I knew it, it was time to meet the family at PF Chang's for an early dinner! Dinner was great and I opened lots of wonderful presents while we shared awesome desserts!

My last present from Toby was the WOW gift. He had packed my overnight bag and booked us a relaxing evening at the O Henry Hotel! http://
Our Romance package included a beautiful and luxurious suite, Romanza playing upon entry, chilled champagne, Godiva, cheeses, nuts and fruit tray for late night snacking, bubble bath for the whirlpool, gift baskets and goodies galore!

You know what really impressed me? Toby PACKED FOR ME and didn't forget anything!!! He paid attention to even the smallest details (hair, make up, medicine, etc.) this was hard for him and I'm sure my Mom gave him some reminders-ha! Taking care of the house, Spencer, the packing, the pets, the planning, etc. meant much more to me than any of the gifts and fancy stuff!

When we got there, he started with champagne, bubble bath and Andrea Bocelli! I'm not sharing any more details after that....


Anonymous said...

man, your husband must really love you bunches; I mean seven layers deep!

Anonymous said...

wow - beautiful woman!!!!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

wow wow wow ---- you lucky duck! What a great guy!