Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Thursday

I am establishing Random Thursday. Every blog should have at least one day of random thoughts with no clear direction or purpose. Today is that day for me.

First of all, the Canes lost last night on purpose. Nothing else can explain that lazy-ass passing in sudden death overtime!! They lost on purpose to extend out the series to create more income for the franchise, network and local economies in the two host cities. That's my story and I'm sticking to it-ha!

There is a kid at little league that eats boogers constantly. Now anyone who knows me knows what a weak stomach I have. The parents will tell the kid to "look alive" and "pay attention" so they have to see him gobbling goobers but they never tell they little kid to STOP EATING BOOGERS!!! What is with that??? So gross!!!!

I am going to Memoranza this weekend at my Creative Memories rep's house. I am working on my Disney album. I have a gazillion pictures from that vacation. Geez! I tried to narrow it down to "just the good pictures" and that left me with only a billion. Whew--for a while there I was almost overwhelmed!

I sprained my ankle Tuesday. I have no idea how I did it. I felt my foot get tight and I looked down and the purple streaks were already up the side and the big swollen knots were on the other. Toby has been helping me with the ice, compression, elevation rotations and it is better today. Now my other ankle hurts from me hobbling on it for two days!

Sending safe travel wishes to Val-- have a great trip to Alabama!


AshleyS said...

I would be puking in the stands if I had to watch him eat boogers constantly!

~ RebekahBoo said...

That is so sick ~ I told my boys that basically they were eating dirt. One piped up and said, "that's ok, I like dirt." BOYS!!! I had to laugh when I read your title...I pretty much did the same thing last night. Mine was called "Randomness."

Jennifer Sizemore said...

I like your take on the Canes losing - gonna have to tell DH that one. He says they lost because they knew he was at a baseball game and couldn't watch the win. That works for me, too, because they sure as heck should not have lost!!

~Denise aka NYNative said...

I'm sorry about your ankle! I hope it heals quickly!
I'm lol about the kid eating boogers... ew!