Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oops--stale blog

Okay-- so I haven't updated my blog in a week or so. Time flies when you're...lazy. So what's new with me? Well for starters all I have done this week is whine!!! My freakin back hurts so bad that I'm actually looking forward to surgery on Monday. Hopefully once they get rid of the kidney stone I will feel better!

Did I ever tell you about the little survey club that I do? I have been in it for about 4 years. It is totally legit-- no spam, no weird stuff. I take surveys, I sample products and I get points. The points are turned in for cash. Right now I am using two different antibacterial wipes for two weeks and then comparing the two. The yellow canister is BY FAR the best. I wish I knew which brand it was-- THEY ROCK!!! Toby is using a new bar soap-- it stinks. I can't wait for his "survey time" to be over so he can go back to his usual soap smell!!! I just looked at my account/points and I have $30.00 in my survey awards. It adds up fast!!!!

A friend of mine challenged me to do an "About Me: A to Z" list on my blog - here goes...

A: Alderin
B: Bing Bing (what I call Spencer)
C: Cassandra.
D: Disney - I am working on my Disney album
E: Earrings-- I love to wear silver hoops.
F: Food Network (I Tivo Paula and Alton)
G: Global Corporate and Investment Banking (my job/division)
H: Hiccups-- I always have those loud, obnoxious ones!
I: Instructional Design and Development (my job title)
J: Jazz! (as in ScrapJazz)
K: Kidney Stone--UGH!!!!
L: Liberty - the restaurant where we had dinner tonight
M: Mobile Meals -- I have been a Mobile Meals volunteer for 7 years
N:Nancyroo - who gave me this A to Z challenge
O:The Office (my fav TV Show)
P:Pins- I collect pins.
Q: QTips (I'm addicted to eargasms)
R: RAK- I have 5 RAKs sitting here to mail out....
S: Spencer-- my little guy!
T: Toby-- my big guy!
U: Umbrella-- I always have an umbrella in my car, office or briefcase.
V: Vacation: my next vacation is not until September!
W: Wicked: The book I am currently reading
X: X-Ray: I had X-rays done today as part of my pre-surgical work-up.
Y: yard-- I despise yard work.
Z: Zoo-- Toby proposed to me at the zoo!


Nancyroo said...

Ha, ha! eargasms! I'm a qtip junkie myself!

~Denise aka NYNative said...

HEY! How does one get in on these surveys? Sounds kinda fun actually.
Feel free to pm me... you know where to find me! ;-)
I'm so proud of you for being a mobile meals person! You rock!
Hope you feel better soon!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

The survey thing sounds neat - well, except for the bad soap. Not good.