Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ho-Ho-Hold the phone!

Guess who called Spencer tonight??? Santa! I was really busy wrapping presents so Spencer answered the phone for me and it was Mr. Claus himself! He knew ALL about Spencer. He talked with him about his teachers, his class, his cousins, Nana and Boppa, which presents he wants, he even knew that Mommy has told Santa that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is Santa to bring Spencer a puppy. Santa had a few special requests himself: he wants chocolate milk with his sugar cookies this year--and Rudolph wants an apple.

At first, Spencer was embarrassed and shy; but a couple minutes into the conversation he was delighted! Santa was awesome and he sure made my little guy happy!

So... we made a gingerbread house, had dinner, got a bubble bath, and was having hot chocolate and watching Frosty the Snowman when Santa calls up-- was this a great evening or what?


laurensmom said...

that is awesome!

merry christmas SPENCER AND CASS!

i love ya both

Robyn said...

What a wonderful night. That hot chocolate looks yummy!

Paula (poncho) said...

How exciting - Spencer must have been beside himself. Sounds like the perfect evening to me :)