Thursday, December 27, 2007

Meet Chewy

How could I forget to introduce Chewy??? Jimmy and Melissa gave IV a chinchilla for Christmas. IV named him Chewy-- and the little booger is ALWAYS hungry. I accidentally gave him too many raisins-- I had no idea he could only have one a day. He was hanging on the cage and BEGGING, doing little flips for me, ..... so I kept feeding him. Oops.
He is really soft but isn't all that cuddly. And it is really unfortunate that his turds look EXACTLY like his food pellets, but he seems to know the difference--ha ha. Spencer and IV want to "play" with him but Chewy is still a little shy-- and fast as lightening. I think he needs to get used to all the noise and his new home!


LesleMora said...

He is too cute! But, ummm, what happens when you feed him more than one raisin a day?

Michele said...

This is so cute. Hope your doing well.