Monday, December 03, 2007

Kitty Kitty

Spencer used both of his Build a Bear birthday gift certificates tonight to make an orange cat (Baxter, of course) and dressed him as Puss in Boots from Shrek. SO yes, he made a cat and then proceeded to dress him as a cat, cause that's how he rolls.

We don't normally go out on a school night, but he was really down last night and I made him a promise that we could spend his birthday certificates tonight as long as we didn't stay out late. I'm not sure if he had a post-birthday and vacation let down or if losing his grandfather and our family pet in the same week caught up with him or if he just needed extra hugs. I'm not complaining though, I'm just glad he is still small enough to hold!

He also got new Heelys tonight. I will probably regret that purchase.

On the way to the mall tonight, I put the radio on the "all Christmas" station and the 80's fundraiser song for Africa "Do they know it's Christmas" came on. Man! that is a depressing holiday song when you have to try to explain it to a little kid! I just had to change the subject with him--he's too young for that burden. You know, they would never get that many artists in a room now days. No one can go anywhere without their entourage, plus all the feuds, etc. Sad, huh?

So, besides being slammed at work, I have a holiday party this week, indoor soccer registration, need to exchange Spencer's indoor soccer shoes for a different size and I HAVE GOT TO FIND TIME to buy Spencer new pants. We ran out of time at the mall tonight. We are down to two pair of jeans and he has NOTHING to wear to church! All of a sudden, none of his pants fit!


lydia eve said...

You know, I heard that song the other day and thought the EXACT SAME THING, about how a collaboration like that would never happen today. Weird. I guess the eighties weren't as crappy as I thought they were... :)

Happy Belated Birthday to Spencer!

Robyn said...

Don't you love growth spurts. The boy seems to go through one as soon as you buy a boat load of clothes for him.

The cat seemed to perk him up, maybe that's what he needed. Good luck with the heelys, they freak me out whenever I see a kid with them I'm just waiting for a trip and fall.

Leslie said...

hmmm a cat dressed as a cat (???) well if that's how he "rolls" then so be it...he's an awesome little boy! sending him some cyber hugs if he needs them (and plenty for you as well in case you need them too).

Paula (poncho) said...

Too cute. Poor little guy, don't you just hate it when they're feeling low. I'm sorry to hear about Grandpa Clarence too - I knew he was ill but hadn't heard that he'd passed away.