Monday, December 10, 2007

Uh oh!

Spencer and IV both received letters from the North Pole today and ironically they said the same thing--- Santa has checked the "GOOD" list and their names weren't on there! Santa said he will check it again next week (because he always checks it twice!) to see if they have been good!

IV made sincere promises to Jimmy that he was definitely going to be good so he would get presents. My poor, sensitive Spencer cried. I am positive Santa did NOT mean for the letter to upset him-- just to motivate him to behave-- but he was so disappointed that Santa thought he had been bad that he was just heartbroken. I felt so sorry for him!

After a short phone call to IV, Spencer felt much better about it and will make sure he ends up on the Good List.


Robyn said...

Aw, poor guy. I can just about imagine how that letter went over. I'm sure he'll make the good list.

Anonymous said...

:rofl: That is too funny. Poor Spence!

Leslie said...

oh the poor kid! Santa made him cry. Well at least now he feels better about it and is working hard to get on that good list...not that he wouldn't anyway ;)