Saturday, August 30, 2008

I love this picture!

This isn't exactly
the prettiest rose from my yard;
This photo wasn't posed
or set up to be "artsy"-
I was taking pictures of Spencer in front of the roses
and he picked one,
shoved it to me,
and said "Here Mommy!"
and I just happened to be shooting at the same time.
I love how the background captures his small frame
and how his little feet are planted as perfectly as the rose bushes.
Soon, he will be older and will think it is totally lame
to bring his ol' Mom flowers
Good thing I have this picture
so I can remember when
giving and receiving a bright pink yard rose
made both of us more than happy.


Mona said...

So sweet! And that is a great pic!

Patti H said...

you so need to blow that photo up and frame it to hang in hour house Cassandra it is beautiful

Cheri Pryor said...

Awww! Maybe he won't get too son gave me flowers last year for my birthday that he had cut from my bushes. He even put them in a vase and made a little note. Sometimes he still shocks me....

LesleMora said...

It's gorgeous!

LesleMora said...

Even weeds are beautiful when you kid picks them "just for you." Sweet!

Paula... said...

Love the shallow depth of field in this shot - perfect :0

AmyWhit said...

sweet! I have similar photos of Riley picking me weed bouquets. It will be a wonderful memory!