Monday, August 11, 2008

Nana's Knee

For anyone looking for us today-- I apologize! Mom's surgery was moved up today and Spencer woke up at 4am sick and his eyelids were glued shut with eye-boogers. Mom went through surgery fine--we were worried because of her weird allergic reactions, past stroke, COPD and worst of all, us driving her nuts. As soon as we made sure Mom got through recovery fine, I whisked Spencer to the pediatrician (which, thankfully, is next door to the hospital) and he has a double ear infection, upper respiratory infection and pink eye. Spencer is full of antibiotics now, mom is resting and not in pain....and I am getting ready to crash. Mom's leg should heal in two weeks and she can go back to kicking butt and taking names.


lydia eve said...

Good lord! Hope everybody gets better quickly!!!

Patti H said...

when it rains it pours. hope both your patients are feeling better asap!

Amy said...

Hope everyone's doing well!

Paula... said...

I hope Spencer is feeling better - I have Dayna home with a horrible flu at the moment too :( Lots of cuddles and fussing is what he needs LOL.

I hope your mum's leg heals quickly and she's back to herself in no time :)

Take care all!!