Monday, August 25, 2008

That's My Bag, baby!

Spencer's first assignment was a personality bag. His teacher gave him a brown paper lunch bag and each kid had to return to school with 5 items in the lunch bag that "describes" themselves for a getting-to-know-you show-and-tell exercise.

Spencer chose to bring the following:

A Clone Trooper-- because he really likes Star Wars.
A little UNC football- because he loves Carolina and he is in the Kids Club.
A picture of IV- because they are like brothers.
A picture from the Disney cruise of us with the sea lion- because he likes doing fun stuff and he is going on another cruise next year.
and..... a rubber chicken...because he thinks it is funny. He and his Nana have such an odd sense of humor when it comes to rubber chickens...

So other than the sappy stuff (pictures of your family, etc.) what fun stuff would you have in your personality bag?


Patti H said...

Ha Ha Spencer a rubber chicken. Hmmm what would I put in my bag?

My cellphone cause I always carry it.
Maybe some gluedots for my scrapping fun.
A computer mouse cause I love the internet
A flask LOL
A book cause I like to read

Boring eh?

Leslie said...

Definitely would not have anything UNC related from this Duke fan. :-P

I'd have:

a cookbook
picture of my DH and Kaitlyn
a stuffed dog

By the way, Stacy tagged me so I had to tag you on my blog. :-)

Stacy said...

That is a really fun thing for them to do! Hmmm personality bag other than sappy pics....

*Bottle of Molson Canadian beer :p
*a cookbook because I love to cook
*a Canadian flag pin or keychain
*Do they bottle sarcasm? if so...a bottle of that stuff lol
*snapshots of Africa because well I love it.

Yankee said...

LOL, Alana had the same project last night, but they gave them a list. Let's see what I can remember...
My TKD keychain to represent her training.
Her Vietnamese passport.
Her ticket from the Toronto-Red Sox game.
Her favorite book.
Her ticket from Femway.

Cheri Pryor said...

What? No can of corned beef hash? lol!! bag?

*anything Wizard of Oz
*my laptop
*can of Diet Pepsi
*whoopie cushion
*pictures of people I don't know from the pictures frames in my house.

Paula... said...

OMG Dayna would have a field day with this idea. Lets see she'd sqeeze in her snake, motor bike, scary movies and of course her lip gloss LOL. Laura would just squeeze in as many horses as she possibly could - seriously she eats, sleeps and breathes horses. One topic they covered at school was called "Bugs & Mini Beasts" - yep you guessed it, Laura did her project on Horse Flies (and the teacher thought she would be horse free for this assignment LOL.

My bag would contain my camera (pretty much take it everywhere), my car keys (love my new car!), Gloria Jeans loyalty card (I'm a traiter and changed sides when we got a Gloria Jeans store here in town!!)