Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well alrighty then

Spencer is not like most kids when it comes to food. He has "unusual" preferences. Most of the time it works to my advantage because he picks fruits, vegetables, salads, fish, etc. over junk food but that also means he rarely orders from the children's menu. Which means we share a meal and I usually get what *he* wants or pay for two entrees.

This morning, he slept in. That's not unusual for him. He is definitely a sleeper. He woke up at 10:00 starved. He normally eats breakfast here and then goes to Nana and Boppa's while I work. Well Mr. Grouchy was upset that we didn't have any corned beef hash. I'm busy Spencer--can't you eat cereal or a pop tart like a normal kid?

I'm in here working and I hear him emptying the entire cupboard, can foods slamming down on the kitchen counter, him mumbling, etc. About 10 minutes later, I get to a stopping point and I go into the kitchen and he is sitting there eating a bowl a cereal, scowling and then I notice THIS added to my list on the fridge door:

I tried not to laugh. Poor neglected kid has to eat cereal like a common 7 year old.


Kim said...

OMG- I love this-- SO funny. I love the canned food slamming, the mumbling...I mean geez, can you not keep the kitchen stocked? LOLOLOLOL.
So funny about the list--this is priceless. I can just see him grabbing a pen, all annoyed, adding that to the list. Hilarious!

Patti H said...

LMAO I gotta meet this kid one day!! HE is a riot!!

lydia eve said...

Mmm, corned beef hash! I can't blame him... when you want corned beef hash for breakfast, you NEED to have it!!! :)

He cracks me up!!

Cheri Pryor said...

Gotta lub me some CORNED BEEF HASH!!! Okay...not when I was 7, but still. I really, really hope you save that list forever...with this his scrapbook.

And get to the store, will ya'? That kids needs his HASH!! lol!

Amy said...


Karen said...

LOL...When you want Corned Bef Hash nothing else will do mom. Cute story!

Paula... said...

No idea what Corned Beef Hash is, but the man's gotta eat!!!