Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Finish the sentence...

I got this from Lesle's blog and thought it was interesting. Here are my "finish the sentence" responses:

Maybe I should . . . go to bed earlier.

I love the smell of . . . fresh citrus.

People say that I’m . . . dependable.

I don’t understand . . . .how I waste so much time.

When I wake up in the morning . . . I am usually still tired.

I lost . . . .horribly at Fantasy Basketball this year. My Heels let me down.

My life is full of . . . things to do.

The past is . . . definitely not forgotten.

I get annoyed when . . . people are ignorant.

Parties are . . . fun as long as I am not hosting.

I wish . . . I could be independently wealthy.

Cats . . . are an allergy trigger for my son.

Dogs . . . are usually loving but messy.

Tomorrow . . .I'm going to be sore as hell.

I have a low tolerance for . . . lying.

I’m totally terrified of . . . snakes.

I wonder why . . . some people are so selfish.

Never in my life . . . will I move from NC.

High school was . . . torture.

When I’m nervous . . . I itch.

One time at a family gathering . . . we laughed until we cried. That's pretty normal for my family.

Take my advice . . . A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Making my bed . . . is optional.

I almost always . . . .have travel plans!

I’m addicted to . . . handwipes.

I want someone to . . . come clean my house!


Paula... said...

Hey I'll come clean if you pay for my airfares :))))

Leslie said...

I'm stealing this. :-)

Cheri Pryor said...

Maybe you are still tired in the morning because you should go to bed earlier? Maybe making your bed would make it more inviting...and cleaning your house might make you MORE tired so you could actually go to sleep at a reasonable time each night. Maybe cleaning, making your bed, going to bed on time and not waking up tired could get crossed off of your full list of things to do in life.

Just sayin....


Anonymous said...

the body..is like..a battery..it..needs..8-12..hours..of sleep..take..dick clark..in ref..well he..got a whole..lot of sleep..thats..why..it took him so long to age..the body is like a battery..you do have to recharge it..8 to 12 hours of sleep..in..ref:and block..all thoughts..stop..thinking..clear your..mind..dont let it scan..just say to your self..IM GOING TO SLEEP:AND STOP THINKING:AND IF YOU SEE YOURSELF:THINKING:MORE WELL JUST..DONT..CLEAR YOUR MIND:OF ALL..AND SWEET DREAMES:....JUST A FRIEND..TAKE CARE..