Monday, September 08, 2008

Some posts should come with a warning label

The family all met up at Red Lobster after work tonight. Most of you know, my brother is a dork. I should expect it right? I have been around him for 31 years, I really should be better prepared...

Well just as I bit into a sauce coated coconut shrimp, my brother cracked a (rather obnoxious, can't be repeated) joke and it took me by surprise. Shrimp and the lovely Parrot Bay dipping sauce came flying out my nose. Too much information? Oh stick gets worse. Ever had hunks of coconut and pineapple stuck up your nose? It's not good. Of course I excused myself to the restroom-- but the damage was done. Something was stuck. Yuck! yuck! Oh yuck. Nope, vomiting did not help. But I thought it was a natural reflex to the breading/throat/nose roadblock. Panic! I had a coconut shrimp to nostril injury and there was blood. I thought it was taken care of, then I got home-- more nose bleeds, more gagging. I still feel like SOMETHING is up in my sinus cavity- but that is insane right? Okay so maybe this entire post is insane. But it is Jimmy's fault.

We found out that the kids can't be the LIGHTENING for their soccer team-- another team had already claimed that team name so now we are THE STING. Whatever.

When we came home tonight, a pretty butterfly was in the house. Where did he come from? Oh well, a brightly colored butterfly flying around the house is the kitty cat equivalent to Saturday Night Cinemax. I hadn't seen Inez this excited and busting out such moves since she was a kitten!


Oscar T. Grouch said...

I thought the picture was what was stuck in your nose. LOL


Lori P said...

OMG! did ya get it out?

i did that once! it was horrible

Paula... said...

OMG lucky I wasn't drinking my coffee or it would have been all over the computer screen now!!! You're a total crack-up but I do hope you managed to clear everything out!!

That butterfly is gorgeous - so much nicer looking than the mouse we've got running around at the moment (and no it's not one of our pet ones eeek!!)

Cheri Pryor said...'s the schnozz? Better, I hope. That sounds painful, but I was reading as fast as I could in hopes you would go in to more detail. I'm sick like that. Email me if you would like. lol!