Thursday, September 04, 2008


Spencer met his new soccer team tonight. Because he has been sick (today was his first day back to school this week) I wouldn't let him do the running drills. He played a little until he was winded and then "mean ol' mom" made him sit down a while. Melissa (my brother's wife we affectionately call Lucy) is coaching again this year. The kids decided that they wanted their team name to be the LIGHTENING. Their uniforms will be Fluorescent Yellow-- no kidding. How awful is that? What's worse is my brother (the assistant coach) picked that color! Doesn't he know that will be an awful color to scrapbook?

I got the best news today! My friend Kristin and her posse/family were looking at cruises to Alaska and they decided on the same cruise we booked. How cool is that? There are several other friends looking at this cruise, too. I tell ya, this ship is going to be the best party ever.

And lastly, I just wanted to share this picture of Inez. Yes, I realize she is really fat, but in my defense.... she has a tiny head. I was working today and I looked down and the poor thing looked really hung over-- all laid out, frowning and blocking the light from her eyes-- I just had to get a picture!


Paula... said...

Are you kidding me - flouro yellow *YIKES* Couldn't they have had black for the colour of the sky when you usually get lightning!!!

Now that is one fat cat - small head indeed (who you trying to kid!!)

Patti H said...

OMG that fat cat photo is friggin funny! Yellow will be cool to scrap just get Jael to scrap them for you LOL
Glad to hear Spencer is feeling better

Yankee said...

Glad Spencer is doing better.
Hah! Your cat is fatter than mine (or mine has a bigger head).

Cheri Pryor said...

OMG!!! I just peed a little...seriously. I have a "tiny head" story. I HAVE to blog it...but maybe I'll tell it to you before then. I'm a spazz....I swear!