Monday, September 15, 2008

We are the bomb dot com

We had an all scrapbooking weekend! And unlike the last couple of "crops" I have been to, we ACTUALLY scrapbooked at this one. All the boys went to the beach house for "Manly Man" weekend which left the entire house to us girls. Everyone trickled in starting Friday morning (for those that had Friday off) and then by the time everyone was there and set up, we left for dinner and a card class.

Dinner was a hoot. For years, it has been a joke with my family that whenever anyone asks where the restroom is, we point to the kitchen and say "Just go through there. It looks like the kitchen, but if you go on in you will see it on the left." Most people know we are full of crap and no one has ever fallen for it...until this weekend! Poor Julie got up from the table last night and asked where the restroom was and (in unison even!) Mom and I said the "it just looks like the kitchen" blurb and a couple of the other girls pointed to the back of the restaurant (where the actual restrooms were.) Well....the next thing we know we hear Julie squeal "Sorry! They told me it was in here!" and was pointing to our table-- we turned just in time to see her red-face escorted from the kitchen and the nice waitress pointed the way to the REAL restrooms. Yeah, she wanted to smack us. But we ALL appreciated her starting the evening out with a great laugh for us!

After card class Friday night, all day Saturday and up until all hours of the night, we all worked on our projects. I finished 8 of the 9 circle journals I owe some of my friends, I did a ton cards and about 12 pages in my cruise album.
It was a very calm, relaxing weekend-- we all did what we wanted, ate when we wanted, napped/went to bed when we wanted- an ideal scrapbook weekend. Most of the time we watched Hurricane Ike on the TV and wondered about our friends and family out in that area of the US. And then on Sunday, of course, we watched football (How about those Panthers?)
Sunday, everyone was tired from all the long crop hours, and Jen had a long drive back home. So we took some pictures- we are missing Brenda M- she didn't come back on Sunday. But even though we all look tired, you can tell we had a blast.
P.S. That is my Mom's cat, Stinky, playing with the tape runner trash!


Oscar T. Grouch said...

you actually cropped at a crop, come on now. LOL

Yankee said...

You cropped at a crop? It's madness I tell you.
Looks like a great time.
I will never ask you directions!

Patti H said...

Looks like you had a good well deserved weekend! LOL at the bathroom/kitchen directions.

Paula... said...

Oh you are cruel - poor Julie ROFL. Sounds like a fab and relaxed weekend :)

Amy said...

Phew. Thanks for the heads up on your bathroom humor. Now I won't fall for it!

Cheri Pryor said...

Totally lovin' the Charlie's Angels pose! lol!! For the record, I happen to know you actually DID scrap in TX. So poo.

Julie sounds like a good sport!

Julie B said...

I am still mad at you! LOL!!