Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Being Spencer is so exhausting. He fell asleep doing his homework.
Big ol' puddle of drool on his worksheet. Perhaps my little buddy needs to go to sleep when he goes to bed instead of goofing off and making mommy yell 15 times to GO TO SLEEP!!


Even little boys who know you can't put foil/metal in the microwave, might have no idea that the outside wrappers on pop tarts are metallic. I guess the shiny silver stuff wasn't a big enough clue.
He learned his lesson about 6 seconds into heating up his treat....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hell to the No

Tonight was Spencer's first baseball game of the fall season. We had team pictures and as we hit the field to get ready for the game, my dad saw a mound of fire ants, then another, then another, then another, then another..... Right field was covered in fire ant mounds. There were several mounds along the fence. I ran and told the YMCA field manager and he had them put a tarp over right field so the kids could still play....but then we found out that the coach had reported the fire ants three weeks ago and no one had done anything about it. Seriously? Is it too much to ask for a field and a dugout safe from biting, stinging fire ants? Did I mention that this facility does not have first aid available?

Other than the fire ants, the game was good and the boys had a great time. Spencer really likes playing catcher!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lunch Bag Art

Last year (1st grade) Spencer got to bring a snack each day to school. I would put his snack in a brown, lunch bag and draw something goofy on the bag just to give him a little smile. Now, Mr. Big Second Grader doesn't get snack breaks at school. He needs his insulated (Star Wars!) lunchbox so I can use a cold pack. But, he told me he missed my silly drawings.
So...I found freezer, quart size baggies that have a little white area on the front (for labeling) that holds his sandwich and provides a nice little canvas for some goofy lunch time art!
As you can tell, I still can't draw and my jokes and puns are awful--but Spencer loves it. I figure I have maybe one more year until stuff like this embarrasses him so I better enjoy it while it lasts!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Put it on my Tab

I delivered Mobile Meals today and normally, my route goes fairly well, but today we had several unfortunate events. We had three incidents to report to Senior Resources by the end of the route - the worst of which being what appeared to be one of our little clients having a stroke. It upset us terribly. I haven't been able to shake it all day and I keep wondering how she is doing.

My mobile meals route is in a very old neighborhood. I realized just how old it is today-- I found a pull tab in the driveway of one of our deliveries! I took it home to show Spencer since it is now an ancient artifact. I think they stopped making them when I was a baby so those things are REALLY old! I explained to him what it was and pantomimed how it would have worked on an empty can from our recycling bin and Spencer said, "Cool! Old cans came with little knives!"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fierce with the Force!

My buddy Amy (who lives right outside of our nation's capital) sent Mr. Spencer a surprise gift today. She must have Jedi sense or something and knew my little guy needed a pick-me-up. He was up all night, had a fever, was sore and sick. We had just came home from the pediatrician when this WONDERFUL package was delivered. It was ironic how this little guy who was so pitifully sick that he could barely sip his fresh lemon slush from Sonic was all of a sudden well enough to unleash a fury of light saber antics.

Okay-- he just made a liar out of me. Just as I went in there to get the memory card out of the camera, he was passed out on the couch, light saber in the floor and puddle of drool on the pillow. I guess that codeine cough syrup kicked in, huh?

Thanks Amy! You are so sweet!

And to all my other readers-- yes, Spencer is sick again. Same thing as before (ear infection/sinus infection). My little guy has my wonderful gift for antibiotic resistance. We are doubling up on meds for the next three weeks, hopefully we can get him well!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like....

You will never believe what I did today. I went Christmas shopping.
What did that crazy heifer say?
You heard me. I went Christmas shopping. I went to Old World Pottery and they had out all of their Christmas decorations. I strolled through the Winter Wonderland for about an hour and then I picked up an ornament. Then another. Then wrapping paper. Then I found a couple of gifts. Then I went to lunch and made my "list" and shopped a little more and came home with all my treasures! Cool huh?
I found this cute "Reindeer Crossing" sign. That's cute as a Christmas decoration-- but it is funny for us, because we have deer constantly running down our driveway (we live in the country and have a l o n g driveway...)

I have to say, I never thought Spencer would be one of those kids obsessed with video games. Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed he is choosing video games over other toys more and more. When he comes into the house he goes straight for the wii or the playstation--- he didn't used to do that. Guess I need to start watching his game time and balance it with other things, huh?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It was a Prell of a good day

Today was our first soccer game this season. It was a crisp, sunny morning--perfect weather! Spencer and IV played well, but the team still lost. Our guys just don't get aggressive at the goal. Hopefully, we can get a win next week!
After soccer we ran a few errands- couldn't find the new Star Wars Wii game (Unleashed)- shame on me for waiting too long. I'm sure my brother will find a copy-- he always seems to "know a guy"....
We visited a friend in the hospital, did our shopping and then visited Nana and Boppa for pizza and some laughs. While shopping at a salvage/junk store today, I found a bottle of Prell shampoo. Do you remember that? I opened it and took a big whiff-- I looked like a junkie sniffing like that and grinning my fool head off. I told Spencer to smell it and I explained that my grandma (Nana's Mom who has been gone 14 years now) always smelled of Prell and Oil of Olay. A few minutes later I went back to the aisle and sniffed it again. What the hell, it was only $1.95, I bought it. Nuts? Maybe. But it made me happy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An evening at the local fair

We went to the Greensboro Fair last night- Spencer and IV had a great time! We had perfect weather and ended up staying a little longer than we had planned. The all you can ride armband for $15.00 was the way to go!

Check out the center picture in the collage. The boys were tall enough to ride the big drop zone looking ride--and even though the picture is blurry because of the digital zoom-- you can see the panic on their faces. That was the only ride they didn't want to get back on! They cracked us up! Other than the drop zone, the kids loved everything and was able to stay on most of the rides without having to go get back in line- it wasn't crowded at all!

click on the collage to enlarge

Thanks Patti!

Spencer received an AWESOME Magic kit yesterday from my Canadian friend, Patti. He was SO excited and "abracadabra-ed" everything all evening. He can't wait to master all of the tricks! Thanks again Patti-- Spencer LOVED it! (and I loved my card and luggage tag!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

We are the bomb dot com

We had an all scrapbooking weekend! And unlike the last couple of "crops" I have been to, we ACTUALLY scrapbooked at this one. All the boys went to the beach house for "Manly Man" weekend which left the entire house to us girls. Everyone trickled in starting Friday morning (for those that had Friday off) and then by the time everyone was there and set up, we left for dinner and a card class.

Dinner was a hoot. For years, it has been a joke with my family that whenever anyone asks where the restroom is, we point to the kitchen and say "Just go through there. It looks like the kitchen, but if you go on in you will see it on the left." Most people know we are full of crap and no one has ever fallen for it...until this weekend! Poor Julie got up from the table last night and asked where the restroom was and (in unison even!) Mom and I said the "it just looks like the kitchen" blurb and a couple of the other girls pointed to the back of the restaurant (where the actual restrooms were.) Well....the next thing we know we hear Julie squeal "Sorry! They told me it was in here!" and was pointing to our table-- we turned just in time to see her red-face escorted from the kitchen and the nice waitress pointed the way to the REAL restrooms. Yeah, she wanted to smack us. But we ALL appreciated her starting the evening out with a great laugh for us!

After card class Friday night, all day Saturday and up until all hours of the night, we all worked on our projects. I finished 8 of the 9 circle journals I owe some of my friends, I did a ton cards and about 12 pages in my cruise album.
It was a very calm, relaxing weekend-- we all did what we wanted, ate when we wanted, napped/went to bed when we wanted- an ideal scrapbook weekend. Most of the time we watched Hurricane Ike on the TV and wondered about our friends and family out in that area of the US. And then on Sunday, of course, we watched football (How about those Panthers?)
Sunday, everyone was tired from all the long crop hours, and Jen had a long drive back home. So we took some pictures- we are missing Brenda M- she didn't come back on Sunday. But even though we all look tired, you can tell we had a blast.
P.S. That is my Mom's cat, Stinky, playing with the tape runner trash!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's that smell?

Today was one of those days where I stopped and asked myself several times, "Is that *my* kid?"
First of all, during his (ahem) daily constitutional, he sang Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love at the top of his lungs. Even though the bathroom door was shut, you could hear him all through the house. Seriously. I need to check his Ipod. Shouldn't he be singing something by the Chipmunks?
Then later, he took his shoes off and declared, "Whew! My feet smell like the play area at Chuck E. Cheese! It really does Mom! Come smell my feet!"
Uhmmm. No thanks Spencer. How about a bath?

Then we ended the evening with a large debate about how many people in the world know North Carolina exists. I am sure this is my fault because I just bought him a new globe and I was explaining the differences between continents and countries. Then he asked about states and I told him I didn't know about states in other countries or provinces, etc. I even (gasp!) admitted I don't even know most of the countries. If we haven't had a war there or it isn't a cruise destination then I probably can't find it on a map with ease. This bothered my son. Stupid globe revealed my idiot card!

Speaking of idiots and cards (hee hee I crack myself up sometimes)..... guess what I'm doing this weekend??? Here's a hint:

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Totally Nuts

Val thinks she's funny. Yeah a total riot. For the past week I have had a problem with a crazy squirrel in my attic--driving me insane, eluding the trap, doing an Irish jig when I am trying to sleep, creeping me out....
So today, the hot FedEx guy brings me a box. In the box, something wrapped in white with a note that says "Feed me and put me somewhere so I can play"-- I was almost scared to unwrap it! Low and behold--a frickin squirrel. And somewhere in Florida there is a goofball, watching the FedEx tracking website and laughing like a little hyena when she knew I was pwn'd.

Val the Jokester:

Monday, September 08, 2008

Some posts should come with a warning label

The family all met up at Red Lobster after work tonight. Most of you know, my brother is a dork. I should expect it right? I have been around him for 31 years, I really should be better prepared...

Well just as I bit into a sauce coated coconut shrimp, my brother cracked a (rather obnoxious, can't be repeated) joke and it took me by surprise. Shrimp and the lovely Parrot Bay dipping sauce came flying out my nose. Too much information? Oh stick around....it gets worse. Ever had hunks of coconut and pineapple stuck up your nose? It's not good. Of course I excused myself to the restroom-- but the damage was done. Something was stuck. Yuck! yuck! Oh yuck. Nope, vomiting did not help. But I thought it was a natural reflex to the breading/throat/nose roadblock. Panic! I had a coconut shrimp to nostril injury and there was blood. I thought it was taken care of, then I got home-- more nose bleeds, more gagging. I still feel like SOMETHING is up in my sinus cavity- but that is insane right? Okay so maybe this entire post is insane. But it is Jimmy's fault.

We found out that the kids can't be the LIGHTENING for their soccer team-- another team had already claimed that team name so now we are THE STING. Whatever.

When we came home tonight, a pretty butterfly was in the house. Where did he come from? Oh well, a brightly colored butterfly flying around the house is the kitty cat equivalent to Saturday Night Cinemax. I hadn't seen Inez this excited and busting out such moves since she was a kitten!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Grandparents Day 2008

We normally celebrate Grandparents Day at the beach-- but with the hurricanes off the coast, Nana still healing from knee surgery, and both boys now in school.....we are spending the weekend at home. Tonight, I attempted to cook. I made Spicy Shrimp with salad and French bread. I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman (which is a fun website if you haven't checked it out.) It turned out pretty good! In addition to what I cooked, Mom threw some ribs on the grill, had some butterpeas cooked up and Dad roasted some potatoes. Oh, and I also made oatmeal raisin cookies since they are Nana's favorites. Celebration dinners are always the most fun!
After dinner, the boys gave Nana and Boppa their Grandparents Day presents. Boppa got a wooden box for his desk with a picture of him and his two grandsons on the top and Nana got photo coasters for her living room with pictures of the grandsons in each coaster. Nothing big--just a little something to remind them how much they mean to us and the boys!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Spencer met his new soccer team tonight. Because he has been sick (today was his first day back to school this week) I wouldn't let him do the running drills. He played a little until he was winded and then "mean ol' mom" made him sit down a while. Melissa (my brother's wife we affectionately call Lucy) is coaching again this year. The kids decided that they wanted their team name to be the LIGHTENING. Their uniforms will be Fluorescent Yellow-- no kidding. How awful is that? What's worse is my brother (the assistant coach) picked that color! Doesn't he know that will be an awful color to scrapbook?

I got the best news today! My friend Kristin and her posse/family were looking at cruises to Alaska and they decided on the same cruise we booked. How cool is that? There are several other friends looking at this cruise, too. I tell ya, this ship is going to be the best party ever.

And lastly, I just wanted to share this picture of Inez. Yes, I realize she is really fat, but in my defense.... she has a tiny head. I was working today and I looked down and the poor thing looked really hung over-- all laid out, frowning and blocking the light from her eyes-- I just had to get a picture!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What a day!

Our day started off rocky. I was up all night with Spencer. Coughing fits, ear-aches, asthma- I got him back to the doctor today and just as we expected, another double ear infection. His left ear is pretty severe. The doctor doubts his infection from a few weeks ago completely cleared up. I hate for him to miss school so early in the year--and he has to miss PICTURE DAY-- but I gotta get my little man well!

And on an "up" note, we booked our cruise to Alaska for next summer. It's an extended family vacation so lots and lots of us will be going. I can't wait! I think I enjoy the planning and the anticipation as much as the vacation itself! Spencer (aka Mr. Discovery Channel) is already picking out his excursions!

As expected, the dance class is kicking my ass. I "spun" wrong on my leg tonight during the hip hop segment and put a huge contusion on my shin. oooh PURDY! I bruise like ripe banana to begin with so this should be really nice by tomorrow. But whatever, it counts as exercise, right?

Work was great, I think I'm going to like my new project--and it looks like I am partnered with a friend from an old team--it should be fun! See right now, while I am ramping up on my new project and it is easy, I'm all smiles....haha.

Our plans for the trip to Atlanta this weekend have been cancelled. With Hanna threatening our area, it looks like a good idea to stay close to home anyway!

Spencer and I have been reading the Tale of Despereaux for the past week or so. I read a couple of chapters to him each night. There are parts of the book that are quite dark and depressing-- Spencer even had a bad dream about it! I need to hurry up and get to the heroic/good part so he can stop thinking about the sad stuff in the book! Despereaux is supposed to be coming out in a movie sometime later this year. I hope the movie isn't as sad as the book!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Finish the sentence...

I got this from Lesle's blog and thought it was interesting. Here are my "finish the sentence" responses:

Maybe I should . . . go to bed earlier.

I love the smell of . . . fresh citrus.

People say that I’m . . . dependable.

I don’t understand . . . .how I waste so much time.

When I wake up in the morning . . . I am usually still tired.

I lost . . . .horribly at Fantasy Basketball this year. My Heels let me down.

My life is full of . . . things to do.

The past is . . . definitely not forgotten.

I get annoyed when . . . people are ignorant.

Parties are . . . fun as long as I am not hosting.

I wish . . . I could be independently wealthy.

Cats . . . are an allergy trigger for my son.

Dogs . . . are usually loving but messy.

Tomorrow . . .I'm going to be sore as hell.

I have a low tolerance for . . . lying.

I’m totally terrified of . . . snakes.

I wonder why . . . some people are so selfish.

Never in my life . . . will I move from NC.

High school was . . . torture.

When I’m nervous . . . I itch.

One time at a family gathering . . . we laughed until we cried. That's pretty normal for my family.

Take my advice . . . A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Making my bed . . . is optional.

I almost always . . . .have travel plans!

I’m addicted to . . . handwipes.

I want someone to . . . come clean my house!

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