Sunday, August 27, 2006

End of Summer challenge

I received this blog challenge from my friend, Oscar:

Challenge: Since summer is coming to a close soon..Answer this list of questions about your 2006 summer.

1. What was your favorite summer event? This summer has flown by! We have done lots of fun things (trips, visits, games, outings and goofing off) but I think the best moments have been surrounding ourselves with good friends around the pool and cooking out and mixing drinks-- just total relaxation!

2. Favorite picture of the summer? I love my summer pics of my little guy playing ball and the pool pictures!

3. Favorite movie of the summer?Probably Cars-- it doesn't take much to amuse us!

4. Best song of the summer? Buckcherry's Crazy Bitch

5. Did you go on vacation, where? We went to DisneyWorld this spring, we went to Virginia several times to visit Family, we are going to Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks, I did several scrapbooking events (crops, conventions, retreats), We had a great trip to Atlanta to see Wicked, The Braves and shopping. Oh! and my birthday Romanza package at the Oh Henry was pretty sweet!

1 comment:

Molly said...

cars WAS a good movie!
sounds like a wonderful summer!