Monday, August 07, 2006

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Mom and I went to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Charlotte on Friday and Saturday. We really enjoyed our classes and had a great time shopping at the vendor faire. Unfortunately, I had "kidney stone" issues on Saturday and came home a little early on Saturday-- but overall, we had fun! I met my first ScrapJazzer this weekend-- Faith! She is so much fun- I wish we would have had to more time to chat!

Toby played in a softball tournament this weekend. His team didn't do that well and he has slide burns up and down his legs but he said he had fun. He also got into a nest of yellow jackets while mowing the yard and was stung 7 times so I guess in comparison playing softball in the heat was fun, huh?

Sunday, we had a few friends over for a cookout/pool party. The kids had a blast and of course, cookout food and cold drinks by the pool are always nice!!!

Today, I went back to the doctor. I still have a few kidney stones to pass. He gave me more pain pills, told me to drink tons of water and gave me two more weeks to pass them. If not, I have to have another surgery(lithotripsy) to break them up. UGH!

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Faith said...

*grin* it was nice meeting you, too!!!!! =)