Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wibbly Wobbly Gone!

9 days after Spencer lost his 1st tooth, he lost his second tooth! And when I say "lost" I don't mean it *just* came out... I mean IT IS GONE! We were out to eat with The Halls (Happy 40th B-day Mike!) and Spencer was eating salad and bread and the next thing we know, the tooth is GONE! I think he swallowed it but Spencer is ADAMANT that he did not. He won't even entertain the idea that he *might* have swallowed it! I think this is because my brother has told Spencer that if he swallows his loose tooth that it will bite his hiney on the way out.... ugh!!!!!

We looked everywhere but couldn't find it. The waitress wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining that the lost tooth might be somewhere at the restaurant. That way the Tooth Fairy can get the tooth from there and still leave Spencer some $$ under his pillow!

The Tooth Fairy was very understanding. She left $3.50, an encouraging note and a funny Missing/Reward poster.


lydia eve said...

wow, the tooth fairy must have been doing some serious investing since she was leaving me a few quarters under my pillow! :)

Molly said...

ha! what a great story!!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Ha - I don't know which is better - this Missing poster or the tooth biting him on the way out!