Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random Blog

It has been a few days since I blogged--so this will probably be a pretty random entry.

First of all, my Uncle Jim passed away. I went to his memorial on Monday. I'm glad he is no longer in pain and battling cancer. But I hate that my aunt lost her soulmate and my cousins lost a fantastic Dad. I hate that he worked hard all his life and then died so soon after he retired.
Despite the reason for the trip, I really enjoyed seeing the family. It's a shame that we only see everyone at funerals. My cousin is getting married next month and I'm looking forward to the family coming together during a happy occassion.

Toby is in Las Vegas on a business trip. Before his flight out, he was all "I wish you could come with me, I'm gonna hate this trip, blah blah blah" Then once his big, stinkin' feet hit the Vegas strip his phone calls have been all "WooHoo! Having a blast--gotta go honey!" Hmmmpf!
As a funny side note... When I took him to the airport, I was giving him my cash since he had forgotten to stop at an ATM and I made a point to dig out extra singles for him -- I was thinking for tipping at the hotel and quick purchases in the airport, etc. He sat there and grinned like a bandit and said, "Do you realize that I'm going to Vegas and you're making sure I have plenty of singles???? What a wife!!!" Ugh!!! Hoochie Coochie capital of the US and I load my man up with ones--where was my brain? (in my defense, I drove him to the airport at 4am and I had gone to bed at 2:30 am!!!)

I went back to the doctor today. I will not need the second surgery for the kidney stones--Yay!! (but I have 4 other appointments to follow up on a minor complication...but that's typical for me. never a dull medical moment in my world.) Anyway... when I was in the waiting room, a little old lady was yelling at a little old man--obviously her husband of many years. It was such a lively little spat that I couldn't help over hearing. It seems that the little old man started the dishwasher and they didn't have any detergent so he used.......shampoo!!! Now their floor is covered in suds and they had to leave for his doctor's appointment and they were arguing over who should clean up the mess when they get home. He blames her for not having dish detergent for him to use. She thinks that anyone with half a brain would just wait and run the dishwasher AFTER she went to the store and picked more up. He was determined that it wasn't his fault. It was hilarious! When I left she was still yelling at him and he told her to pick up paper plates and plastic forks and it wouldn't be an issue. Pffhhhhht!

I loaded an additional 97 songs to my Ipod tonight. I got on an 80's kick tonight-- gotta love some Hair Metal! Speaking of Hair Metal-- we got crappy seats to the Motley Crue/Aerosmith concert. But I'm sure we will make the best of it.

By the way-- if you're reading this and you know Donna A. --her parents were hit head-on by a drunk driver this weekend. They are still in ICU and could use some prayers!

I went to a scrapbooking retreat this past weekend with my Mom and Melissa at It was awesome! I finished my Disney Album!!! Pam had a company there to emboss our albums. I had my wedding album, Disney album and Spencer's baby album embossed. Mel and Vera (our CM reps) came and did make and takes and had fantastic deals for everyone, too! We had a blast, as usual and I can't wait for our next retreat in October!


M1cHe|e said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.
Big hugs to you and your family.

Mike and Neen said...

Hey Cassandra. It's always hard to lose someone so close even when we know they are away from the pain

I was hopig you cold pop over to my blg and leave a comment with some ideas of what you want for a banner on your blog....