Thursday, September 21, 2006


Most of you know how much I love books so when I got the notice of Spencer's very first Book Fair at school I was thrilled. Luckily, Spencer loves books, too so I wanted to make it a fun evening for him. I was a little surprised at how many toys are at the Book Fair. I was expecting..well..BOOKS. But no.... there are toys, games, posters, video games, etc. Oh and there are books, too. The toys and goofy junk are merchandised FRONT AND CENTER-- that tells me they (Scholastic) are more interested in profits than literacy. Spencer bought a nice stash of goodies: a school sweatshirt, a Leapter game cartridge, a handheld tornado thingy, a stuffed Jaguar with a little Rain Forest book, he bought 5 books for us to read together, he picked out a book to donate to his classroom and he bought his cousin, IV, a book about a Bad Kitty.

After the Book Fair, we went to his Open House. We had cheese pizza and I met some of his classmates. He showed me some of his artwork and I talked with his teachers. I *really* like his teachers. What a relief!

Toby and I are meeting up with Melissa and Jimmy this afternoon after work to drive to Charlotte for the Motley Crue/Aerosmith concert. Spencer and IV will spend with night and Nana and Boppa's since I'm sure we will be getting in quite late. I bet we will be a real treat tomorrow at work-ha! Funny, late nights to a weeknight concert used to be no big deal when we were younger.... now we have to get a sitter, adjust our morning meeting schedule, hit a triple espresso from starbucks, oh, and whine about it on our blog BEFORE we even go....heehee

The Square Dance for our Missions Fundraiser is this Sunday at church. So if you don't see me around this weekend, I will be quite busy getting things ready for that!

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Paula said...

Yes it's amazing how the toys hit them as they step through the door at the book fairs, with the actual books tucked up the back. I'm a mean mother and only let my girls buy a special fluffy pen or something small other than the books :-P

Enjoy the concert - sounds like a blast :))