Sunday, September 24, 2006

Catching up my blog!

Another few busy days. I can't believe my weekend is already over!

Tonight was our Hoedown for Hunger at church. We raised a good bit of money for our Missions fund and we had a great time. Everyone enjoyed the Square Dance and the silent auction raised an impressive amount of money as well. The homemade cakes did better at the auction than anything else. I was disappointed that my scrapbook album only raised $16.00. I put about 9 hours of work and $60 in it. But hopefully the person receiving it will appreciate it.

Louise Mandrell was our special guest at church. She played her "fiddle" and sang beautifully. She is quite a hottie, too. Toby added her to his "Top 10" list--haha!

We bought several things at the auction tonight: handmade cards, a handmade glass bead necklace, a gift certificate for printing of our Christmas cards, Apple crumb cake and a jar of honey from a local bee keeper. That's kind of an odd assortment, eh?

Spencer is enrolling in self-defense and basketball this week. My "free evenings" will be coming to an abrupt halt.

I also agreed to host a Tastefully Simple catalog party. You can check out the new stuff at or let me know if you want to see a catalog. We are out of several of our favorite "party foods" and the holidays will be here before we know it!

Spencer's hermit crabs are still alive. They are diggin' (pun intended) their little crabitat we built for them. They both look like they have grown so we are hoping they change shells soon!

Well we have another busy week filled with softball games, karate class, church, basketball enrollment, my cousin's wedding, Operation Christmas Child kickoff, -- oh and work! And I guess I need to clean the house sometime since I didn't get to it this weekend. (yikes!)

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Paula said...

Oh how disappointing indeed that your scrapbook didn't go for more - I guess non-scrappers just don't realise how much work goes into things like that IYKWIM.

PHEW you're gonna be busy with all of those afternoon activities. I was mean and made my girls cut right back - if they want to try something different, they have to give up one of the activities they're already doing. It was just wearing me out trying to be in so many different places each and every night of the week. Good luck with it all - it's certainly a juggling act.