Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vacation was Wonderful!

We spent this past week at Myrtle Beach, SC and had a wonderful time! Spencer and IV enjoyed playing on the beach with the 15 million toys they *had* to bring along.

It was the perfect week-- no schedules, great weather, just whatever. The only bad part was when that little freak Lukas won Rockstar SuperNova--UGH!!! Oh well.

We stayed on the beach every day. We had a huge tent--big enough for all 8 of us so no sun burn! Casual week all the way. Dinners were whatever and whenever: pizza, subs, Japanese, seafood, Fiesta del Burro Loco (our favorite Mexican) and the boys wanted to go to Medieval Times one night. Spencer and IV *loved* the fighting and jousting at Medieval Times. We thought the food was lousy and we spent and insane amount of money on crappy souvenirs for Spencer-but he is a typical 5 year old boy and these things really impress him.

Speaking of typical souvenirs at the beach, Spencer and IV got hermit crabs.... and freaking $40 worth of cages, shells, food, etc. etc. etc. They really rope you in with that whole "free hermit crab" sign don't they? Spencer named his crabs Amy and Chooka Boy.

Spencer and IV also played miniature golf at their favorite place, shopped at the "beach junk" stores, and got new body boards to ride the waves!

We also celebrated Grandparents Day last weekend when we first got to the beach. Spencer was excited to give Nana and Boppa their presents and card! As usual, Nana and Boppa had gifts for them as well. Nana gave them new Power Rangers pajamas and Boppa gave them new flashlights and batteries perfect for their nightly walks on the beach!

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Paula said...

Sounds like a totally fab and relaxing week. Our girls have started school holidays again, so we're heading off to our caravan for a week of relaxation (I'm even taking some scrapping stuff with me!!)