Sunday, September 17, 2006

Things that frighten fish

We have been quite busy since we got back from vacation. We have caught up on the shopping, laundry, visited some of Toby's family, and Spencer even went to a Professional Bullriding tournament-- hold the hatemail-- I hate that crap but he wanted to go with my brother. Actually, I think he just wanted to dress up in cowboy boots, hat and old jeans and ride the little mechanical bull. He did look really cute. I hate that bullriding junk but at least I got some really cute pictures for my scrapbook-haha!

Spencer also got to visit with his cousins, Ashley and Kristin this weekend. He missed Aaron but A&K kept him plenty entertained and he fell asleep in the car within 2 minutes of leaving them!

Now we need to get the house cleaned up and build the "crabitat" for the hermit crabs. Toby got this brilliant idea that we can make the crabitat out of our 10 gallon fish tank and we can buy a new 20 gallon fish tank. We found a "sale" but then Toby just had to spend the extra and have the tacky air-opening coffin with skeleton that hooks up to the air hose. He and Spencer thought it was awesome-- must be something in guy DNA that attracts them to it because I thought it was just ugly as hell. Our poor fish will need therapy...

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Oscar T. Grouch said...

Bullriding is big business now. It is awesome.