Saturday, September 09, 2006

Toby Rocks

Yay! the weekend is here and I am on vacation! I went to stamp class last night. I really liked the three cards we made and learned a couple new things as well! We laughed pretty much the entire time and dished about Rockstar SuperNova. I like Toby but I think Magni will win-- he seems to have the "fit" for the band. Throughout the show I liked: Dilana, Storm, Magni, and Toby. In fact I joking say I want a T-shirt that says "Toby ROCKS" hahaha! I have had Toby's song (Throw It Away) stuck in my head for days! I hope that little freak show Lukas is next to go....

I love my new car! But..... the black carpet shows EVERY grain of dirt--I think I will go out and get some clear mats today.

Spencer got his first week behavioral report from K. He got all green happy faces-- which means he was good all week at school (his 1st week) so he was rewarded with a Power Ranger car. He had "manly man" night with Boppa last night while Toby was at work and I went to stamp class. They went to Arby's for dinner, piddled around the lawn and garden department of K-Mart, played outside, then watched Meerkat Manor on the Animal Planet and fell asleep. Spencer couldn't wait for Friday night so he could have his Boppa time!

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