Monday, November 15, 2010

Blended into a purrdddy shade of purple

I have to submit a picture for an upcoming team meeting at work.  We are a virtual team, most of us work from home, so video meetings are the only way we "see" each other. The picture needs to tell a little bit about ourselves and can be in the following categories: Childhood, Marriage, Christmas, Workspace, Pets or defining image--such as hobbies or enthusiasts.

I looked at the list and thought--
Childhood?  Nah--I would have to go to my parent's house, get a picture, scan it in...too much trouble.
Marriage? Oh Hell to the No. Perhaps a picture from my divorce party a couple of years ago??  Nah--not appropriate for work...even though half the pictures are with girls I work with!
Christmas?  has potential....
Workspace?  boring
Pets? Bowser and Inez-- could be interesting....
Hobbies?  Well I could use photography, scrapbooking, reading, etc.--lots to choose from!

I ended up using this:

That told a story nicely...and prepared everyone that I will be taking vacation in March.  Two birds---one stone. 

Speaking of my sweetie, Will sent me a text this morning telling me about a child at his son's school fighting stomach cancer.  The teachers and parents are getting together donations to raise money to help the child's family.  Will was able to get a personalized,autographed picture from Tom O'Brien (NC State head football coach) and Sidney Lowe (head basketball coach) signed a basketball and a poster and donated tickets to an upcoming game.

Now I know what you're thinking-- It's sad enough that the family is fighting this horrible disease and has surgery and treatment expenses and now Will goes and saturates them in horrible NC State stuff! 
True, yet Will promises me that in Raleigh there are some NC State fans and these gifts will be appreciated by the family. So...I am very proud of him and hope the donations are received with well wishes and prayers for health and happiness.

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Cheri Pryor said...

Well he sounds like a keeper, for sure....but is he a Raider fan?