Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spawn of Gene Simmons?

Valerie, my Spam-loving buddy from Florida, was in town a few days ago for business and we managed to squeeze in an evening of shopping and dinner.  On the way out of the mall, I tried to grab a pic with my blackberry and (1) it was dark and foggy and (2) the flash blinded us so we weren't able to tell how the picture looked on my phone because we were seeing white spots from the flash. 
Anyway-We tried twice and I checked it when I got home and this is what I ended up with:

In all these years of being friends with Val, I had no idea she had a creepy tongue. Seriously-- maybe it wasn't white spots from the flash I was seeing-- maybe it was visions of hell because these pictures are damn near evil! 

Actually-- she reminds me of the Scream spoof the Wayans brother's did-- Scary Movie!

Haha-- She's probably going to kill me for posting these pics!

Despite how bad our pics turned out, we had a great evening together!


Anonymous said...

I love my evil side...bwhahahahahha!! Usually, I get the gutter comments about my tongue! Doug actually said he was surprised that didn't come out of YOUR mouth, frat boy! Love you! Thanks again for my chocolates and a wonderful evening!!!

Cheri Pryor said...

So her tongue is large and in-charge...I, for one, am jealous.