Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tis the covet.

Spencer wasn't feeling 100% today so he spent a great deal of time inside watching TV. 
And by watching TV, I mean he would pause the TV, rewind, and yell MOMMA- I WANT THIS!! to every commercial that came on!  He has already taken a red pen to every catalog that has come in the mail and circled his wish list items AND he has the toy inventories memorized at WalMart, Target, Kmart and ToysRUs. This is the same child that can't remember to put his shoes in the closet, but can rattle off 15 different types of Nerf guns in one breath.
Finally--after the 100th, "I want" today, I tried to guilt him by reminding him about why we celebrate Christmas and that giving is better than receiving and he should recognize that it isn't about toys. 
And not 5 minutes later, he called me back into the living room yet again to show me a commercial for a game called HedBanz and said, "I would like to get this for you Mom because I bet you would like to play this with me!"