Monday, November 22, 2010

Missing my little guy

Every couple of hours I hear, "thump thump thump thump" as the dog runs up the stairs to Spencer's room to see if he is home yet.  He misses Spencer as much as I do!
Spencer is on a three day school field trip to Salter's Path. They have a packed agenda, mostly involving science-- including dissecting a squid. Spencer was really looking forward to the trip.
The only bad part was having to get him to the school at 6:15 am on a 35 degree Sunday morning. I am NOT a morning person--and to add salt to the open A.M. wound some jerk illegally parked behind me while I walked Spencer to the motor coach.  When I came back to my car, I had to wait for an additional 25 minutes for jerkface to come back and move his SUV.  I had asked some of the parents standing around and no one knew whose SUV it was.  I can't imagine existing in my own little world thinking it is totally okay to block people in (he had blocked three of us in)  and not even care! I was talking to a friend when I heard the car start up so I never got to see him walk up.  I was totally denied the sarcastic clapping or anything else to let him know I was pissed.
At least Spencer was very excited about going and although the house is really empty without him--I hope he is having fun and learning much!

Later Sunday, Mom and I met Will, his son and Will's Mom at High Point Theater to see Sander's Family Christmas and then out for dinner.  It was a wonderful play--we really enjoyed our afternoon!


Cheri Pryor said...

I remember when each of my kids went to science camp in the 6th grade for a WEEK. Ugh! I volunteered to drive up sleeping bags/suitcases when Nathan went because I had heard so much about it when Cody went that I HAD to see this place for myself to know my kid was safe. lol!! It was hard to let them go that long and not be with a relative. Now they are just...*sniff*....gone. (poor me)

Patti H said...

funny how you miss them so much when they are gone. I still miss Matt and he has been gone from the nest for over two years