Friday, February 22, 2008


What better way to end a really hard day of First Grade than with a really good bubble bath. After a quick trip to Toys R US and dinner at his favorite rib joint, Spencer told me he wanted LOTS and LOTS of bubbles. So...he had long bubble bath...and enjoyed every minute of it! We had "Spencer Night" to celebrate his good grades on his interim report card.

Spencer's cousin, Steven, had quite an exciting evening last night. While at basketball practice, he somehow lost control doing sprints and went through a window! He is stitched up and okay-- but geez, he is going to have one helluva story!

I read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn this week. I am in awe of her writing style-and for those of you that know me - know I am picky/critical about fiction. Can't wait for her next novel!


Paula said...

Now this guy really knows how to enjoy himself - well done on the good greades Spencer :)

Ouch to Steven going through that window - I hope he's doing OK and not too sore and sorry :-P

I just finished reading Barra Creek by Di Morrissey last night - couldn't put it down - I'm not usually big on reading IYKWIM.

Georgina said...

Wow! good grades are definately a thing to celebrate! Pass on my congratulations to him. I hope Steven is okay too!