Monday, February 18, 2008

Lazy day plans?

Today was my sleep in and be lazy day. Or so I thought. Kim was "nice" enough to give me a wake up call this morning. Those folks that do not get Federal holidays like to abuse those of us who do get the day off.

I stripped the wallpaper border out of the kitchen. Steam cleaned the cabinets. Cleaned off the top of the fridge. Put up the new border (it looks fab!). Put up new window treatments in the dining room and kitchen. Packed up the old kitchen themed stuff. Cleaned the dining room ceiling fan and unscrewed each blade and flipped it over to have black blades instead of hunter green. Did 4 loads of laundry. Changed the sheets. Did the grocery shopping. Helped Spencer with his reading/spelling words. AND went for lunch and pedicures with Mom.

So how did YOU celebrate President's day?


Kim said...

Um, I called you at 9:45am!!! You call that a wake-up call? Geez. Now thank me, because look at all that stuff you got done. You are welcome.
Again, 9:45am???

Becky said...

Jeez, aren't you Ms. Productive?

no worries, 9:45 IS early on your day off LOL

Faith said...

LOL...i didn't get the day off either...=) Just wanted to comment back and say thanks for the comment and yes, I can (sorta) say that I can sew...LOL. Thanks to my mom's influence. =) It's definitely work but it's also fun to see finished projects....*grin*

Robyn said...

WOW, I thought you had the day off.

April said...

Wow! You got quite a bit done on your day off! You were busy!

Paula (poncho) said...

OMG woman how'd you fit all that into one day?? So where are the pics of your new kitchen border???