Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now that was fun...

Just finished watching the UNC/State game so of course I'm in a good mood--what better time to update my blog?

I actually went out for lunch today (gasp! did the bank collapse while I was gone?) and met up with Lesley and Pam. Now, you would think we (all three of us professionals, in a quiet restaurant) would discuss work, books, etc. But not today. Pam stood up to mock anger at the deformed fork she received--and it was really hard to take her seriously with her fly down. Lesley and I just lost it. Nothing makes your day better than side splitting laughter all the way through lunch!

I *finally* got my new camera today. I made it to page 2 of the user's guide before nearly nodding off. Who writes that crap? (snicker) I have taken about 100 pictures of Inez tonight. Ungrateful little cat will not pose for me!

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Paula (poncho) said...

Sounds like the perfect lunch date to me :) Enjoy your new camera :))