Tuesday, February 12, 2008

She's a Weiner!

I forgot to post on my blog that Lucy (Melissa) won a free cruise for two up to 7 days anywhere Carnival goes. We bought raffle tickets one evening before a show and the last night, they annouced the winner-Lucy had the magic number- and she screamed and ran to the stage like she was on the Price is Right or something! The cruise director even said in all their years, that was the most excited he has ever seen a winner get!
Lucy was shaking so hard so I was up front helping her with her certificate (and getting scrapbook pictures of course!) that when we were up there together-- someone from the other side of the theatre yelled "Hey! It's the Roulette Girls!" and people were clapping.... I guess we had spent WAY too much time at the ship's roulette table. But we made lots of friends (and no $)
So.. we get to plan another cruise!

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