Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random Thoughts (Brain Enema)

A smart person would wait until they had all of their materials for a project and then begin, right? Only a goober would walk into the kitchen at 11:00 at night last weekend and rip all the wallpaper off the walls and profess a kitchen makeover. So now, I have UGLY UGLY messed up walls... until I can sand and paint. I don't even know what color yet! So okay... I have a new project.

I have no patience. My new camera is supposed to be shipped tomorrow and I am almost giddy! My package includes: Nikon D40x SLR body, Nikon 18-55mm lens, High Resolution Wide Angle Lens, Telephoto Lens, 4 Gigabyte SD card, Tamrac 5273 Backpack, Cleaning Kit, Lens Filter Set, USB Card Reader, Aluminum Hardcase, Pro Large Tripod, Table Tripod, AC/DC Charger, LCD Screen Protectors, Digital Slave Flash, Nikon Lens Cap, Nikon Camera Strap, USB Cable plus all the normal stuff like battery, quick charger, etc. I have already warned everyone I know.. prepare to model! I bet I hit the tracking site on my shipment a million times starting tomorrow.

Speaking of hitting sites a million times...haha... I am debating whether or not to go to a ScrapJazz fest this summer. I have several vacations planned-- and this would be one without Spencer and the airfare and hotel would be more than a cruise--- so I need to really think about it....

My little man can really groove. He thinks he wants to take Hip Hop lessons-- but doesn't want to go to girly froo froo dance stuff. I'll see what I can find for him-- in the mean time it is really funny to watch a 7 year old break dance and sing Run DMC's It's Tricky!

I talked with my sister in law last night. My nieces are picking a college right now. That makes me feel so old. They were a few weeks old when I first met them and now they are getting ready to graduate. All I can think is, "They BETTER not do the crap I did my freshman year!" haha

My TV addiction revolves around Carolina Basketball, LOST and The Office. I am watching Idol, but not liking this happy, huggy Simon. What's up with that?

My cat, Inez, has a personality disorder. She used to be this shy cat that hid from everyone. Now she is an attention seeking drama queen. It's like living with a little movie star. feed me--NOW! pet me-- NOW! I want THIS SIDE OF THE BED! She busted a move across the bed a few weeks ago and her back legs just happened to get traction on my shoulder. It tore a 4 inch gash. great. Just what I need-- another scar.


Georgina said...

wow! youve got a lot going on!! Some great posts recently, and I am pleased you have a happy heart! :D

Leslie said...

as a former fester I am telling you...YOU MUST MAKE IT TO TEXAS THIS SUMMER! It's not to be missed. I had the best time at the first one and it was wonderful to meet so many jazzers at once. I'm so totally bummed that I can't make it anything this year and meet up with more before we move. If you can swing it....GO!

Paula (poncho) said...

Ohhh Ahhh you got the whole shabang with your camera :) I think Spencer would be a great hip hopper :) Dayna has decided whe wants to take singing lessons - look out world!!!