Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Unfortunately, we attended the funeral of a dear friend, Peggy Johnson, today. She was a wonderful and generous woman that will forever be in our hearts.

I also delivered Mobile Meals today. It was as rewarding as usual--even though it was FREEZING cold and I was really hurting. Being the graceful person I am, I fell up and down the steps last night. Yeah, you read that right. I fell up the steps and then proceeded to fall down the steps. I did; however, manage not to scream any expletives seeing that I was in the church stairwell. The heel of my boot caught the hem of my skirt as I was going up the steps-of course my hands were full so when I went crashing down- I landed on my shoulder- and then because my skirt was twisted around me, I fell back down the steps busting both knees, my elbow, my head, etc. Go ahead and laugh. I can't see you through the computer....

Because of the funeral, we had more family in town than usual. Despite the reason for their visit, it was nice to have dinner with them and celebrate Dad's birthday. Dad spent the evening of his birthday doing what he loves-- eating a big steak at Outback and spending time with family. He received a bounty of fun gifts. Spencer "repurposed" his Valentines box into a gift box--and while I was on a conference call, the little booger helped himself to the "good bling" from my scrapbooking stash! Yikes! He loves his Boppa so much that he wanted his gift box to be extra special so I can't be mad at him. He made Boppa a birthday card and included a love bear so Boppa would know how much he loved him. Kind of made the pair of Crocs I put in there seem so impersonal....ha!

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Paula said...

Now that I've stopped laughing I can control myself enough to comment ROFL - seriously though I hope you're OK!!

Fab photos and it doesn't matter whether you think the gift was impersonal or not, it's the thought that counts. Now if you want to talk impersonal - I couldn't think of anything to get my dad on Wednesday, so I ended up putting money in his card - yep now that's impersonal!!!

Patti H said...

LOL falling up the stairs?

Okay LOVE the Outback!! great photos